Consular Section of the Embassy
of the Russian Federation
in Ireland
Address: 184-186 Orwell Road, Rathgar, Dublin 14, Ireland
Phone: +3531-492-20-48
Fax: +3531-492-69-38
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Registration of an adopted child at the Russian Embassy

List of the documents required for child’s registration at the Consular Section:

• child’s Russian passport;

• one child’s passport size photo;

• copy of the Russian Court’s decision on the adoption;

• copy of the Adoption Certificate;

• copies of two Birth Certificates issued in Russia (one with the child’s Russian name, the other one with the new Irish name);

• copies of the parents' (parent's) passports.

Registration of an adopted child is free of charge, no prior appointment is required.

All the documents for registration can be alternatively sent out by post to the Consular Section along with self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed.

Post placement reports

According to the Russian legislation adoptive parents must provide 4 Post Placement Reports within three years after the adoption.

The Reports must be notarized by the Irish Notary Public and apostilled at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland. The Reports must be translated into Russian language and sent to the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy for verification (both English and Russian versions).

The fee for certification of translation is 43 EUR per each page of Russian text. The Consular Section accepts only Postal money orders.

Then the certified Post Placements Reports are to be sent to the Adoption Authority of Ireland for further transmitting to the relevant authorities in Russia.

Renewal of a child’s Russian passport

List of the documents required for a new passport:

application form;

• previous Russian passport;

• photocopy of child’s Irish passport (biographical page only);

• photocopy of parents’ Irish passports (biographical page only);

• 4 recent photos (35x45 mm in width, in colour with a light background);

• original Russian birth certificate with a new (Irish) name;

• payment

Application for a new passport must be submitted by one of the adoptive parents in person.

Current fee for passport’s renewal is 10 euro (effective for children under 14 YO only).

The Consular Section accepts only Postal money orders.

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Should you have any further queries don’t hesitate to contact the Consular Section -
phone - (01) 4922048